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Our company name, INTENT FINANCIAL PLANNING, has personal meaning, and is a daily reminder of who and what it represents. 

In the fall of 2017, a much loved son, father, father-in-law, husband, grandfather, nephew, brother, and cousin, was killed in a tragic accident. It’s a story repeated in too many families, and our hearts go out to all. During this time we had begun making a few changes to our company. This man’s life inspired our new name. 

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Joe Ford was my favorite cousin, and if I said that in a room with all the cousins, they’d nod their heads in agreement because he too, was their favorite cousin. Joe had those qualities and characteristics we’d hope to see in ourselves and, in our children. He was kind, caring, strong, funny and decent. He lived an authentic life. In the days following the accident, I’d smile when I’d think about him. Joe was uncommonly “thrifty,” an oddity, when compared to the consumer in most of us. Joe was a man of deep faith. His well-worn Bible, with it’s duct-taped binding, said it all. I knew Joe as a man who always knew what his tomorrow would be like, what he’d do from the time he got up until the time he went to bed. Over his lifetime he accomplished goal after goal, completed project after project, task after task, simply by showing up, day after day. In a word, Joe was intentional with everything he did, and with every dollar he made or spent. 

So, as a way to keep Joe Ford in my mind and heart, draw inspiration from his life, and help illuminate the path for others, we chose a new name, Intent Financial Planning, and a new tagline, “Intentional Days & Intentional Dollars™.” 


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