We help our clients create lives of  Intentional Days and Intentional Dollars™ through the inspiring process known as Life Planning. This process of Life Planning delivers a freedom that distinguishes it from traditional financial planning, and we see this freedom unleashed in the lives of our clients as they find renewed courage to revisit forgotten dreams, and the confidence to embrace new challenges and goals. We are so convinced of the unique and transformative power of Life Planning, that we not only offer it as the core of our financial planning process, but also as a stand-alone service to the public. 

The Life Planning Process






Explore - During our first meetings with clients we provide a series of exercises, beginning with George Kinder’s 3 Core Questions. We then listen, as clients share their stories, dreams and goals, and explore new possibilities. 

Vision - During the Vision meetings, clients add more texture and color to the dreams and goals  revealed during the explore portion of the process. The possibilities become more believable and achievable at this stage.

Obstacles - During the Obstacle meetings, we hold on to the dream and face the hurdles head-on, working our way, together, through the real and perceived obstructions, with a determination to bring this new Vision to life.

Knowledge - Now, we’re able to put numbers to the goals, and develop the financial strategies to make the Vision a Reality. Investment planning, risk management, retirement planning, etc., all happen during this stage.

Execute - We’re now ready to put the plan in motion, monitor its progress, revisit the Vision, and recalibrate as needed. 

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