Plans & Pricing

            Intent Financial Planning is a Fee-OnlyTM Financial Advisory Firm.

  • We price our services as flat-fee retainers, or hourly-priced meetings. 
  • We do not receive commissions or kicked-back “soft-dollar” incentives of any kind. Our compensation comes directly from our clients
  • We do not charge AUM ( assets under management ) fees. 

                Platinum Plan - Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Service 

This plan is a complete, coordinated financial plan, and includes the EVOKE® Life Planning process, along with complete financial, insurance, tax and investment reviews and recommendations, implementation and ongoing investment assistance. Also included are estate, education, retirement, cash flow, and income tax planning, along with annual 1040 income tax preparation. The initial year fees range from $5,000 - $9,000*. Renewal year, ongoing services are at a reduced fee, ranging from $3,000 - $7,000. This is our most valuable offering.

                Gold Plan - Our Investments Service 

This plan is available for those who are looking for investment guidance, assistance or oversight, and is priced at a flat, annual fee ranging from $2,500-$5,000*. This includes a review of any existing investments, preparation of an Investment Policy Statement, investment recommendations and implementation assistance. rolling over, transferring or opening new accounts, and the use of no-commission, low-cost mutual funds or ETFs.  We are confident this service offers an incredible value. 

                Silver Plan - Our Hourly service 

This plan is for those who aren't ready for the Platinum, or Gold - level services, but do need guidance around specific topics such as rolling over or reallocating a 401(k) or IRA investment portfolio, choosing a healthcare plan, setting up a 529 education account, or general tax planning strategies. This "advice when needed" is priced at an hourly rate of $250 per hour.

* We reserve the right to assess higher fees on investment account sizes in excess of $3 million.   

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